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The Durga Puja and Navratri mood had already set in, and celebrations were being planned countrywide. I was no different and was constantly thinking of what would add that magic touch to my Puja this year. I didn’t have many plans and was mostly to be spending time with my family and a few friends who fortunately were around.
But when all of a sudden, a long pending plan comes to life, you just grab the opportunity to experience that beautiful gift of life. And I did exactly that. For quite some time, our team from My Children had been planning to visit an old NGO in Sundarban, West Bengal and I had been excited ever since. However, the plan came to life when one fine day we planned to visit “Amar Bari @ Digambarpur” on the 8th of October ’23. Digambarpur Angikar is a non-profit, non-Government organization with a view to undertake relief, rehabilitation and empowering the underprivileged and vulnerable section of the society.
They have immensely contributed to the sectors of Child Protection, Education, Women Empowerment, Community Health, Livelihood Development etc. They run 2 shelter homes – one for children with special needs and the other for girls rescued from trafficking, child marriages etc.

We are thankful to the assistant secretary, Ms. Keya Mishra who spared a few minutes with us during this visit –

My heart was brimming with joy and emotions just by the thought of meeting those pure souls, but the actual emotion hit me when I got down from the car and walked in through the main door. We were warmly welcomed by children who’ve never experienced the normalcy of life yet seemed much more deserving and happier than we are. There smiles and their warmth are what I carried back home with me. Four of us from My Children had travelled to Sundarban and we’d carried some beautiful and bright clothes for the little ones.
The gratefulness and smiles that they showered us with on receiving their new clothes turned out to be my best Puja memory for 2023. While we were there, my eyes welled up several times thinking that we crib about the most non-significant things while these children barely get enough to lead a normal life and have already experienced the darker side of life. Amar Bari is doing a fantastic job by being the pillar of support that these children need. May their team flourish and grow more in life.

I cannot help but mention the wonderful performances that the children had put up for us. Songs, dance, poems and what not. They are a pool of talent and can-do wonders if nurtured and given the right scope and opportunity. In my view, I created one of my best memories while Mahalaya was knocking our doors. I look forward to paying more visits to “Amar Bari” and learn more about them. If you are in West Bengal and wish to spend a fine day, Amar Bari could be your next destination

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