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  • How can I be part of this noble cause?

    We thank you for your interest and hope to see you in MCF family. You can be part of this initiative in various roles like mentor, donor, member, change agent or volunteer. You can also contribute by reporting a needy child. For details, please check

  • How do you select a child?

    Economic situation and talent of the child are most important criteria to choose a child to support. Having said that, we also consider other factors like social condition, gender etc. Ultimately trustees discuss and decide in board meeting. It is always recommended to register a child and based on our capacity, number of willing mentors, we will try our best to support.

  • How many children I can mentor?

    There is no restriction of maximum number of children you can mentor. However, this is a long-term commitment and involves monetary contribution. It is completely up to you how much you will spend for a child. You can set an annual limit as well. It primarily depends on factors like age, gender, location etc. However, based on our experience, we have kept a minimum threshold of INR 1,250 (USD 20) per month to become a mentor successfully for one child.

  • Is there any obligation if I register with you in any role?

    No, there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever in any role. This is purely voluntary participation. However, you may need to register & submit some documents for audit purpose and formalize our relationship, safeguard each other and keep ourselves with same understanding. All our actions and activities should be within prevailing legal framework. But, if you no longer want to be part of My Children Foundation, you can put a request any time.

  • What expenses you cover for the beneficiaries?

    Expenses could vary depending on many criteria like age, gender, location etc. We cover following expenses listed priority-wise:

    • Education related like books, admission fee, semester charge, tuition etc.
    • Lodging & trans port like mess/hostel charge, train/bus/auto fare, cycle etc.
    • Foods & nutrition, primarily for children below 15 years
    • Cloths for normal usage or during winter, school dress etc.
    • Other items based on approval from mentor e.g. gifts on specials occasion like birthday, festive season, during natural calamities etc.
  • What is the role of change agent?

    Change agent plays a very critical role to scale up our operation. We can not go to every where to identify needy children and carry out last mile operations on behalf of mentor. Primary activities a change agent should do are

    1. Identify potential children at local level and report
    2. Qualify and register the child in the system
    3. Communicate with trust and mentor.
    4. Build awareness among local communities, parent and educate dos and don'ts
    5. Deliver materials and services to the child.
    6. Report performance of children periodically.

  • What percentage of my donation goes to the end beneficiary?

    We try our best to disburse maximum amount to the actual beneficiaries keeping our running cost at the minimum. However, there are unavoidable charges like platform & hosting fees, payment gateway, taxes and operational cost for manpower, legal, admin, accounting, audit etc. In some cases, there is involvement of campaign cost as well. We also need to keep a corpus for future expenses to safeguard our long-term beneficiaries against uncertainties. In consideration of all of these aspects, beneficiary may get in the range of 95-85% of the donated amount depending on the scenario as follows:

    • 95% in case of private campaigns where the platform is primarily used for donation collection and disbursement only.
    • 92% in case of public campaigns or any other cases where My Children Foundation needs to conduct campaign to reach larger audience
    • 90% in case of long-term beneficiaries located in urban areas and there is involvement of operational cost from My Children Foundation.
    • 85% in case of beneficiaries located at remote places and My Children Foundation needs to take extra effort to operationalize the whole process. It is also applicable for on-ground charity projects.

    The scenarios are illustrative in nature for your better understanding. You may reach out to us any time for further clarification.

  • Who will be considered as member?

    If you want to help underprivileged children and want to associate with us in long-term basis without major financial commitment, you can register with us as member. We collect a minimum monthly contribution of INR 500 (USD 10) from all members. Amount paid will be eligible for tax benefits as per prevailing law. Members will get important notifications and reports on how we are utilizing our fund. We will invite them in our annual meet. Mentors are by default members with higher commitment and they are directly linked to his/her children.  A casual donor can place a request to become a member.

  • Why should I be a member and what it takes?

    If you really want to be part of this initiative and closely work with us, it is better to be a member so that we can communicate & help each other. Members are our strategic partners. We will listen to their suggestions, concerns and take consideration of those in our strategic decisions. Members will get important notifications and reports on how we are utilizing our fund. We will invite them in our annual meet. We collect a monthly minimum contribution of INR 500 (USD 10) from all members which is eligible for tax benefit. We encourage to contribute this amount yearly basis for easy accounting purpose.

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