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Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.
   – Nelson Mandela

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My Children Foundation is setting up coaching centers at remote villages across India. We are targeting poor, marginalized children belonging to tribal people and backward classes who are unable to access quality education. Moreover, their education has been severely affected by Covid-19 pandemic for last 2-3 years.

To help them recover from this shock, My Children is organizing coaching classes for these children by local skilled teachers & needy students of higher classes to generate employment opportunites for them as well.

We are targeting to bring more than 2,000+ children under this program across India through 100+ centers. We will identify children with high potential among them and bring them under our comprehensive support program so that they can reach to their full potential. We believe this will make them independent in their life, uplift their families and help our country progress in long run.

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Mathurapur, West Bengal

Established on: 7th January, 2024

Purpose & activities: Regular tuition of children from very low income families who are currently no access of resources, facilities.

Managed by: Mrs Shyamoli Halder, a local teacher ( BA pass) who wants to teach and spend time with these children.

Number of children: ~50

Some Children: Fidoushi Laskar, Sangita Sardar, Sayoni Sardar, Riya Adok, Koulash Mayra, Nisha Sardar, Puspita Purkait, Arnob Adhikari, Magida Sekh, Stephen Halder, Anjana Halder, Riya Halder, Raehan Molla, Rane Halder, Rime Sardar, Jamuna Halder, Manesha Naiya, Ankita Sardar, Shubho Sardar, Nishan Sardar, Usha Sardar, Koushik Sardar, Tushan Halder, Bidesh Ghosh, Rohit Sardar, Aadi Purkait, Anshu Naiya, Soumen Paik, Sariful Laskar, Shubha Mandal, Rag Halder, Souvik Sardar, Somnath Halder, Megha Sardar, Kushan Sardar, kaberi Purkait, Baishakhi Halder, Shrabanti Mondal, Ankita Naiya, Chhaya Sardar, Ripam halder, Sandip Halder, Bitu Halder, Bilash Mayra, Ankush Sardar, Aadiya Sardar, Raghu Aadop, Deb Hader, Arifa Molla, Meghla Halder, Aroshri Mondal, Maya Sardar, Angoli Halder, Shilpa Paik, Jayoshri Halder, Mastakin Molla,Ariyan Molla, Santanu Tanti

Paschim Dwarakapur, Patharpratima

Established on: 5th November, 2023

Purpose & activities: Regular tuition of tribal and children from very low income families of daily wagers, fishermen, farmers.

Managed by: A young local Engineering student Sourav Mondal volunteered to do the groundwork here, we recruited a housewife who will teach children of class 1-4, four days a week.

Number of children: 23 

Some Children: Baneswar Patra, Palash Patra, Moumita Maiti, Supriti Pal, Sudipta Pal, Susmita Das, Sonali, Giri, Soumashri Mandal, Sangita Giri, nandita Giri, Shubham Mandal, Deep Bhakta, Piyali mandal, Mihir Kayal, Lakshmi Rani Mandal, Susmita Maiti

Barathol, Asansol

Established on: 10th September, 2023

Purpose & activities: Regular tuition of orang children from very low income families of daily wagers. 

Managed by: Suchitra Orang, a local teacher

Number of children: 31

Kulti, Asansol

Established on: 29th September, 2022

Purpose & activities: Regular tuition of marginalized children from very low income families.

Managed by: Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Seva sangha

Number of children: 18

Name of a few children & their background: 

  • Lakshmi Badyakar, Sonali Badyakar, Natasha Badyakar (II), Kisan Mahato (III), Pallabi Kalandi(III), Sudeep Badyakar (IV), Pushpa Kalindi (III), Kunal Kariya (IV), Abir Das (V), Deb Badyakar (V), Priya Kalindi (VII), Maina Badyakar (VII), Babai Bauri (VII), Chandan Hari (VII), Gouri Badyakar(VIII), Deb Bauri (VIII).
  • They are in class II-VIII
  • Their parents are drivers, rickshaw pullers, house maids etc.

Arbetal, Bankura

This Center is located at a remote village called Arbetal near Beliatore Bankura. Most of the families are below poverty level & parents can’t afford paid tuitions for their wards

Established on: October 2022

Purpose & activities: Regular tuition of children from very low income families without much awareness. 2 hours daily, 5 days a week.

Managed by: Sweety Laha, 1st Year Chemistry Honors student.

Number of children: 16

Name of a few children & their background: 

  • Shubham Laha (4), Ruma bauri (4), Jhuma Bauri (4), Aneshwa Metta (2), Baishaki Metta (2), Ria Metta (1), Rohit Bauri (3), Samit Bauri (2), Payel Metta (2), Aam Bauri (1), Bapan Bauri (2), Piya Bauri (5), Payel Laha (7), Payel Metta (1), Lakshan Metya (2), Surya Metya (1)
  • 1st-5th standard children. These students are from underprivileged background and their parents are daily labourers or farmers.


Goalberia, Purulia

Established on: October 2022

Purpose & activities: Regular tuition of children from very low income families without much awareness.

Managed by: Bibek Ganguli, 28 yrs old, B. Sc.

Number of children: 15

Name of a few children & their background: 

  • Debraj Soren (Class-2, Father’s name- Kishan Soren)
  • Moumita Murmu (Class-3, Father’s name-Dharmadas Murmu)
  • Moumita Kisku (Class-3, Father’s name-Patanath Kisku)
  • Sumitra Kisku (Class-4, Father’s name-Surendranath Kisku)
  • Aparna Kisku (Class-2, Father’s name-Surendranath Kisku)
  • Shilpa Murmu (Class-1, Father’s name-Ramjit Murmu)
  • Payel Kisku (Class-1, H/F-Rabiswar Tudu)
  • Nandini Kisku (Class-3, Father’s name-Baidyanath Kisku)
  • Aparna Soren (Class-1, Father’s name-Mahitosh Soren)
  • Subham Hansda (Class-2, Father’s name-Makar Chandra Hansda)
  • Biswajit Kisku (Class-3, Father’s name-Mangal Kisku)
  • Jibandira Hembram (Class-1, Father’s name-Motilal Hembram)
  • Rabin Tudu (Class-4, Father’s name-Luku Tudu)
  • Manohar Hembram (Class-4, Father’s name-Satish Hembram)
  • Raju Kisku (Class-4, Father’s name-Lakhinda Kisku)

All Students’ family’s occupation is Cultivation. All Students are belongs to Gowalberia Primary school

Rangapara, Asansol

Established on:  24th October 2022

Purpose & activities: Regular Tuition to the children so they can get proper education & coaching which their families are unable to afford. Majority of the students here are Girl Childs.

Managed by: Prashanta Hembram & Arijit Murmu

Number of children: 20

Name of a few children & their background:

  • Pallabi Murmu (V), Rajkumar Murmu (III) ,Saheb Murmu (I), Tulshi Modi (II), Neha Kora (II) Malati Soren (VI) Bristi Maji (V), Mamoni Kora (III)
  • All these children are from the nearby villages & are from tribal backgrounds , their parents are working as daily labors, fishermen, etc. they go to local Govt schools but their parents are illiterate & cant afford tuitions for these children.

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