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This is the most important role you can play by becoming life mentor to one or more children. An individual or an institution or even a group of people can become mentor and provide all the resources, guidance to bring underprivileged children to their maximum potential. Mentors entitle to get visibility on their fund utilization, children’s progress and always part of our annual meet, cultural events on invitation. It is up to you how much you will spend for a child. However, based on our experience we have kept a minimum threshold of INR 1,250 (USD 20) per month to become a mentor successfully. You yourself can set an annual limit once logged in. All donations are entitled to tax benefit. We will identify potential children, connect them with you and facilitate in all possible ways. You will get an account with all your mentees, their current statuses and regular updates. To become a mentor, please click Be a Mentor.


Members are the integral part of our organization. They are passionate, dedicated and willing to regularly contribute to our vision. Members are always part of our annual meet, cultural events on invitation. We collect a minimum monthly contribution of INR 500 (USD 10) from all members. We will update them about our activities, decisions made by trustees, future plan and the utilization of our fund in different projects, activities. Members are our strategic partners. We will listen to their suggestions, concerns and take consideration of those in our strategic decisions. We will invite them in our annual meet. Anyone from any place can become member and be part of this noble cause. We expect you to take active participation in all our activities and also become mentor of at least one child at some point of time. All mentors are members by default. To become member, please click Be a Member.


We need fund to carry out our mission. But, we continuously put effort to utilize maximum amount towards upliftment of children and their families and minimize overhead as much as possible. That is the reason we created this low-touch model to run the organization at lowest operational cost. If you can not directly involve yourself, you may donate us and we will publish utilization details of collected fund periodically. All donations are entitled to tax benefit. A donation receipt will be provided to recognize your contributions and you can track all your donations yourself by logging into your account. Joy of giving is invaluable and if it is towards our children, the joy is more. To be a donor, please click Be a Donor.

Change Agent

We need people who can multiply the effect by identifying talented needy children, coaching their biological parents or legal guardians, hand-holding them in the entire process and doing all the things required at local level on behalf of mentor or My Children Foundation. They could work part-time as their own pace or become full-time service provider. Based on their contribution, they will be compensated and rewarded. Change Agents should have the required sincerity, dedication, honesty and passion for contributing to the society, the cause and bringing real change. If you have the zeal, Be a Change Agent.


As we start our ambitious journey, we need large number of volunteers to make it more sustainable and effective, Your expertise, suggestions, physical work or any type of contribution are really welcome. We would like to understand your background and how you can contribute. We need vast network of people with diverse background to identify needy children, evaluate their talent and provide right resources, guidance as per their nature of talent. We may also need physical help to reach remote places, deliver resource to children and their family and also make them understand the importance of education. You never know how you can contribute unless right time comes and your presence might make a difference. To be a volunteer, click Be a Volunteer.​


Every child is a talent and they need attention, love and proper guidance. If you know a talented child who is struggling to continue his or her education because of economic situation, the best thing you can do is to register the child with us. We will take it from that point, evaluate and connect to a mentor or onboard her or him to a suitable program so that she or he can attain to the full potential. If we don’t have sufficient capacity, we will put the child in waiting list and whenever we get an opportunity, we will connect him to a mentor or a suitable program. To know more and register a child, please click Register a Child.​

There is a role for everyone – Choose yours

* If anyone donates any amount, s/he is a donor by default   # There is no obligation whatsoever. You may join, stop, rejoin any time.   ^ You may change your role whenever you feel so.

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