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I often wonder why the stars shine,
I know the science behind and all of that’s fine.
They twinkle at night and by dawn they are gone,
Is it that every night they are again born?
The Sun, the Moon, they always shine bright
But it’s the stars that twinkle and decorate the night.
Every child is a star who has the right to shine,
That child may be yours or may be mine.”

That day, I got a knock on my car window while I was waiting at a traffic signal on my way to office. A young boy with a couple of incense sticks in his hand was insisting that I buy them as he hadn’t eaten since morning. By the time I looked at him, the signal had turned green, and I had to drive away. The only thing that I remember are his eyes. Well, this isn’t the first time that something like this had happened with me, and I am sure almost all of you have had similar experiences at some traffic signal or the other.

Every time such things happen, I ponder by myself that had that child been born in my family and got the life that I am blessed with, he/she might be much better placed in life than a lot of us are today. Who knows right? Well, it’s not just about the children at the traffic signals, it’s about every child who didn’t get the opportunity and the right support at the right time of his/her life. We speak of equality and preach about doing the right thing, but the sense of equality should be nurtured from the very childhood. 

But if the beginning days of a child itself are scarred, how will he/she dare to dream of a better tomorrow unless we all come together and make efforts to heal the scars?

I strongly believe that if you and I join hands, we can make some humble contributions in positively influencing the future of several stars which have all the right to shine bright. Every child is special, and every child has a potential. Can we not together strive to make a better world where every life would matter, every child would go to school, get to eat 3 meals a day and above all smile without the fear of getting abused or exploited? The answer my friends is a big, fat YES. All we need to do is – REALIZE that we are capable of bringing in a change – a change that would matter.

I will forever be thankful to God, for the call that I received from my senior (Sudipta Chakraborty – a mentor with My Children) for hosting the Annual Meet of My Children Foundation on 1st May 2022 and I am glad that I agreed. It started off with a meeting with the founder (Debashis Majumder) and I ended up being one of them as I very strongly resonate with the mission and vision of this organization. This is a great team working towards a greater cause, so I urge you all to join in and help in creating a better planet to live in.

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