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First of all I want to wish Happy Birthday to “My Children Foundation”.

I am Shristi jha and I took admission in the St. Stephen’s School. My dream was to establish myself as a best student. Everything was running very smooth. But unfortunately the darkest cloud came on me and my mother. My study was almost going to stop. My mother tried her best to continue my study but she couldn’t earn much money. We were suffering from a lot of financial problems. That time a God like ‘My Children Foundation’ came into my life. For them, today I can continue my study and have a dream. I am very much thankful to ‘My Children Foundation’. No words are enough to thank my mentor who helped me in my hardest time. I have also a dream that in my future as like i am getting help from my mentor, i will also contribute back to the society. Because if ‘My Children Foundation’  and my mentor was not there, then I would have lost my dream. And I will also try my best to make “My Children Foundation” and my mentor feel proud.

Thank you so much!!

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  1. Wonderfully written Shristi. Everyone associated with you in your journey is blessed to be part of your story. Fly high, fly strong.

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