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It was turning out to be a usual Saturday until I landed myself at a place which made my day exceptionally great. It was 12th Nov ’22 – Dhruba Mukhopadhyay (Chief of Community Development at MCF), Sudipta Majumder (a well-wisher and a friend) and I had plans of visiting a centre for underprivileged children at Tollygunge. It was around 5:30 PM and we reached the venue on time as planned.

On our arrival, we were welcomed by a group of very disciplined and enthusiastic children at Dyuti. Their demeanour from start to end highly speaks of the kind of grooming that the children are receiving there. Dyuti is a centre for underprivileged children run by Mr. Gautam Das and his wife. They are accompanied by a dear friend of theirs and together they have been working for this cause for more than 6 years now. We were entertained with several stories that Mr. Gautam and his wife happily shared about their association with these children and the cause.

We had brought along some cakes and biscuits for the little ones, and we distributed the same whilst enjoying their beautiful paintings – some half done and some that marked the making of a Picasso in the future. We heard them reciting poems that brought out their innocence with every word they uttered.

There were about 20 – 30 odd children and at one point they also made a formation and demonstrated a dance choreography that Mr. Gautam’s wife had recently taught them.

I personally enjoyed multiple conversations with the kids and their smiles are what I behold within me. Their innocent and sparkling eyes spoke volumes of their dreams which you and I can help to fulfil. Every child has a right to shine bright, then why should children at centres like Dyuti be left behind? Can we not do a little something to at least help them get started? I am certain the answer is YES, and My Children Foundation has already made it a mission to help every child walk on the path of education. 

MCF has initiated multiple projects in rural areas to help the needy children get started with their first day of ABCD & 1234. I dream of the day when we all will realize and do our bits to make this world a better place for these little souls. Kudos to Mr. Gautam, his wife and likes of them who are sincerely and honestly making efforts to bring in the positive change that we all dream of.

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