Child’s Name: Mdfaiz (Public Profile)

  • Age: 14 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Good At: Academics
  • Place: Kolkata, India
  • Annual Family Income: Rs. 36,000/-
  • Family Size: 4
  • Currently studying: 7TH
  • Custodian’s Occupation: Shoemaker

Note from the child:

Md Faiz was a student of Don Bosco. He has recently got admission in Ektara. He will be pursuing his studies in class 7 Indra Academy. There are four members in his house. They have only one room. He lives in 98/B Dilkusha Street Kolkata 700017. His father was a shoemaker. Now he is jobless due to pandemic. There is no source of income at his place. His mother is a housewife. His brother Md Kaish studies in Ektara. He is also studying in class 7. As far as I know, Md Faiz is a brilliant student as he has always excelled best in his academic result from class 1 to 6. He has been rewarded with 1st division. He has always given his 100% in his studies as well as sports. He has won certificates and medals for drawing. His drawing is incredible. His favorite subject is English and Hindi. He really wishes to study at Ektara. Ektara will be a backbone for him. With their help, he will be pursuing his studies in a good English medium school.

He needs support because his father is jobless. He always scored 1st division in his academic result. He does excellent art work and capable of performing best in every field