Child’s Name: Md Kaish (Public Profile)

  • Age: 16 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Good At: Academic, Sports, Creative
  • Place: Kolkata, India
  • Annual Family Income: Rs. 36,000/-
  • Family Size: 4
  • Currently studying: 7th
  • Custodian’s Occupation: Shoemaker And Housewife

Note from the child:

Kaish is an excellent, sensible and a brilliant student, he pays great attention in his studies. He believes that education will lead him to success and achieve goal for his future as well. He needs help to continue his education.

Performance Records

S. No.Board/UniversityStandardMaximumObtainedPercentagePositionComment
1Wbbse740018947%Md Kaish Passed His Class 7 Finals