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Raising a disbursement request is simple and quick. Just visit https://my-children.org/disbursement-request/ and follow the below process step by step:

Once we receive the request, we will verify and pay the requested amount as soon as possible. In the process, we may ask for additional details or documents. Please try to limit your expenses under given categories with proper supporting documents to get it approved and paid quickly. You may ask for more fund or in exceptional categories, but that will be scrutinized by My Children Foundation and possibly discussed with mentor and then decision will be made. Once you received the payment, please email a payment receipt confirmation to info@my-children.org from your registered email id. You may also print THIS form or write on a white paper and sign/take thumb impression by custodian/beneficiary and send us via any communication channel. If you face any problem or need any help, please Contact Us.

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