Child’s Name: Swastik Ghosh (Public Profile)

  • Age: 14 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Good At: Academic, Leadership, Performing Arts
  • Place: India
  • Annual Family Income: Rs. 1,08,000/-
  • Family Size: 3
  • Currently studying: Not Specified
  • Custodian’s Occupation: Not Specified

Note from the child:

Name- Swastik Ghosh, School- Ramakrisna Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur, Class-VII

Performance Records

S. No.Board/UniversityStandardMaximumObtainedPercentagePositionComment
1SofClass 5603558%School rank- 2I Have Awarded Silver Medal With Participant Certificate
2SofClass 7604270%School rank- 13I Have Awarded Participant Certificate Giving This Exam For 1st Time.
3SofClass 7605185%School rank- 12I Have Awarded Participant Certificate
4SofClass 6605490%School rank- 10I Have Awarded Gold Medal Of Excellence For The Performance Excellence At School Level.